TMC Bariatric Surgery

In 2015, the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program re-accredited the TMC Bariatric Center for meeting all criteria as a Comprehensive Center according to national quality standards established to deliver safe, high-quality bariatric care.

Patients seeking surgical treatment for severe obesity and its related conditions have a high-quality choice for receiving treatment at a nationally accredited program that meets the highest standards for patient safety and quality of care in Southern Arizona.

The MBSAQIP standards ensure that bariatric surgical patients receive a multidisciplinary program, not just a surgical procedure, which improves patient outcomes and long-term success. As an accredited center, TMC offers preoperative and postoperative care designed specifically for severely obese patients.

Looking for a bariatric surgeon? TMC offers online information to assist you in your search. Please use TMC's  physician search engine to identify a bariatric surgeon who practices at TMC.

Types of bariatric surgeries:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

Roux-En-Y-Gastric Bypass

Bariatric Educational Seminars

Learn everything you need to know about surgical weight loss at one of our free informational meetings! These free meetings give those who want to learn more about weight loss surgery an opportunity to meet with the physicians, learn about different weight loss surgery options, and have questions answered. An insurance specialist is also available to help you determine what your individual insurance company would cover. TMC’s Bariatric coordinator to talk about all the other support activities and program offerings. This class is designed for patients who are just starting to gather information before deciding whether to embark on this journey or not. For more information, please call (520) 324-3766.

Bariatric Support Group

These classes are offered monthly at TMC, and provide an opportunity for patients who have had Bariatric surgery to connect with others who are in different stages of their weight loss journey. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment for patients to build relationships and get education focused on health and well-being for their lifelong journey. For more information, please call (520) 324-3766.


Information about healthy living.

TMC Food and Nutrition Services staff offers nutritional counseling.
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